Along with decades of non-stop, quality, professional photography and an M.B.A. from Boston University, I’ve also managed to:

  • Receive the Professional Photographer Leadership Award from the International Photographic Council, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations.
  • ackgrounde invited to China by the China Photographers Association to be a guest lecturer on the business of digital photography at the Pingyao International Photography Show.
  • Be the President and Chairman of Board – American Society of Media
  • Member of Adobe Photographer Council. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom beta tester. Invitee to Microsoft’s Pro Photo Summits
  • Co-author of Universal Photographic Digital Imaging
  • Co-author of Professional Business Practices in Photography.

We have several different photography portfolios:
Boston Corporate Headshot Photography
Boston Product Photography
Boston Advertising and Corporate Photography
Photos of Boston