A photo tour of inside Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Plymouth MA

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We’ve been recently reading more about nuclear power plants having problems renewing their licenses, so we decided share with you our tour of a nuclear power plant.

First you have to get past Homeland Security:photo of nuclear power plant entranceThen you have to have your fingers scanned:nuclear power plant securityThe amount of radiation on your body, and anything you bring in to the core area, has to be the same going in, and out, so it’s measured and recorded both going in, and out:measurement of personal radiation nuclear power plant radiation Security is tight, wherever you are:nuclear power plant securityThis is the outside of the”Drywell,” which seals the reactor core:photo of nuclear power plant DrywellYou don’t want to swim in this pool. It’s the pool storing the spent fuel rods.
You don’t even want to walk past the red warning curtain.
You don’t even want to be in this area for over 3 minutes:nuclear power plant photo of storage of spent fuel rodsThe generators that take the steam from the nuclear reaction and turn the turbines that produce electricity:nuclear power plant generator photo

And the control room looks like this:nuclear power plant control room photo

We hope you enjoyed the tour given by this Boston based photographer.

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