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Some quick excerpts of my tour back 31 and 44 years later.

My trip back to BTHS was to see if those memories of this gigantic, special school were real, or imaginary. I got out of the DeKalb Ave. subway stop wondering if I could even find the school. Luckily the antenna guided the way. Some of the surroundings seemed familiar, but where was the Barton's (or was it Baricini's) Candy Factory?

I found the school, but I didn't remember that the school was yellow brick, with polished granite on the street level:
Corner of Brookly Tech

In 1998, the foundry was untouched and abandoned, and some of the shops looked like museums. I forgot how large the auditorium was. A balcony, and an upper balcony. I was too young the last time I was there to appreciate the architectural detail in the auditorium (and the school as a whole).

Looking from the stage back

Picture of Auditorium from above

While I was there, Brooklyn Tech got the first computer in a high school, an IBM 1130 mini-mainframe. We had to line up to use the punch card machine.
I learned electronics at a station similar to this one.It looks straight out of the Dharma Initiative from the TV series "LOST:"

Electronics station

This picture above is now an English Class. They don't know what this old stuff does.

In 1998, the classrooms now look like this:
They have newer computers now.

I'd forgotten about these scenes:

I do know what this traffic light did (Hint: pagers weren't invented yet).

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