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At the Consumer Electronics Show last week there were several new “smart” kitchen appliances on display. A new Samsung smart refrigerator has Pandora and a weather app built into the door.

One problem: these appliances came out a decade ago and few people actually want them. Here are some photos from an assignment I did in 2003 showing a “smart” kitchen. It centered around a tablet computer (rare for 2003) which talked with, and controlled the oven and refrigerator.

Oven in an Interet Wired KitchenThe oven has cooling coils so it can hold food all day, and then can be programmed by the phone to turn on remotely.Oven in an Interet Wired KitchenRefrigerator in Interet Wired KitchenThis is how you program the oven:Internet Wired Kitchen

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