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When they designed this packaging? Boston Photographer

So I’m shopping in the Asian specialty store in Boston’s Chinatown and I see this box sitting on the shelf with the small electric appliances. It’s a box holding a soy milk machine. I guess you put soybeans in and you get milk out. You can’t read the text on the bottom of the photo (at blue arrow), mixed in the red cloud, but it says: “Made to Match our Clients Tastes!

And whose tastes are those that would drink soy milk from soybeans harvested near a mushroom cloud? Isn’t a mushroom cloud an icon for only one thing? What brand recognition!

There is also an ISO 9001 certification label on the box. Maybe my assumption is wrong and it’s simply atomic powered. Maybe it’s just a cloud of melamine.

Did the concept of a mushroom cloud get lost in translation?

I invite all those marketing experts out there to explain this one to me. Please help me understand this!

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